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Auto Geometry Engine

The Auto Geometry Engine (A.G.E.) is powerful software that automatically fills in missing print dimensions as you program. It is CAD capability embedded into CNC programming.

With A.G.E. you can make easy work out of programming incomplete prints or part sketches like the ones below. The A.G.E. doesn't take more time to use, it works automatically as you program.


Tool Path Graphics

The ProtoTRAK relieves you from the chore of programming the tool path, but you will still be interested in seeing where the control is planning to move the tool. Colors, error messages and selectable views make it easy to check your program before you machine.


Profiles and Pockets

Programming pockets and profiles of all shapes is a breeze with powerful canned cycles.



The ProtoTRAK may be networked with other ProtoTRAKs or with a server. This allows you to file, share or back-up programs right from your machine. Centralized file management helps assure revision control. Efficient file-sharing allows collaboration without time spent communicating between departments.

Spreadsheet Editing

View data for your whole program all at once. Sort and make changes to whole groups of events with one press of a button. This is much more convenient than either moving through your program one event at a time or picking through a long list of G Codes.


Advanced File Management

The ProtoTRAK borrows the Windows® functionality and adds a couple of clever twists. File management is enhanced by the ability to access different drives, copy and rename files and look at the part graphics before opening the file. Backing up part programs is easy with the automatic back up routine.


Run-Time Clock

In the run mode, the ProtoTRAK will display the time remaining until the next time the control is programmed to stop for a tool change. You know how long it will be before the job will need attention from you.