Finish Thompson Little Still LS15 Solvent Recovery System 15 Gallon #5760


Finish Thompson Little Still LS15 Solvent Recovery System 15 Gallon #5760

Pomona, CA


Make: Finish Thompson Little Still

Model: LS15

Serial #: 1240

Comes with Fin-E-Co Water Cooler

Process Rate: 15 Gallons / Shift

Solvent Boiling Range: 100-320 dg. F

Electricity: 240 Volt, 1 Phase, 7.5 Amps

Condensing Water: 1/2 Gpm

Quick Cool Water: 1-3 Gpm

Diimensions: 27" x 51" x 42" H

Weight: 425 lbs.

Rugged Construction

15 Gallon Capacity

Non Stick Coating on Boiling Chamber for cleaning ease

Condensed Solvent gravity feeds to a 15 gallon drum

Skid Mounted

Simple to Operate

Minimal Maintenance

From Finish Thompson Website:

" LS Series solvent recycling equipment can provide many years of safe, simple and efficient daily operation … with little operator attendance. When properly installed, LS equipment satisfies the most stringent safety standards for on-site solvent recycling. LS equipment returns a nearly pure, completely reusable product, provides a high recovery yield, and allows the user to control the distillation schedule. Utilizing thermal distillation, LS Series solvent recyclers return waste industrial solvents to a 99+% pure, reusable condition. Finish Thompson’s solvent recyclers are batch type in 5, 15 or 55 gallon capacities. All units distill solvents, are explosion proof, and are vacuum capable. With vacuum assistance, recyclers can process solvents with boiling points up to 500o F. LS Series equipment requires minimal operator involvement. Once set up and started, the units can operate virtually unattended until the process is complete. A full line of accessories is offered to enable process automation from fill to finish. A patented heater design eliminates the need for heat transfer fluids and utilizes electricity more efficiently. The Little Cooler provides a convenient cooling water source for electrically heated LS Series solvent distillation systems, eliminating the need for a tap water source. Self-contained and weatherproof, the Little Cooler is designed for use with solvents with boiling points above 150°F (65.5°C). Depending upon solvent volume, an LS Recycler can pay for itself in a matter of months. Contact FTI Sales for the payback formula."


ManufacturerFinish Thompson
Serial Number1240
Stock Number5760