New GMC 26" x 120" Metal Lathe with 2-Axis DRO GML-26120

New GMC 26" x 120" Metal Lathe with 2-Axis DRO GML-26120

Pomona, CA

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New GMC 26" x 120" Metal Lathe with 2-Axis DRO GML-26120

ISO 9001 certified

Large spindle bore 4-1/8”

Heavy Duty spindle D1-8

Heavy Duty guideway width 16”

Heavy Duty main motor 10HP

16 spindle speeds from 25-1,600 rpm, 16 speeds

54 kinds of inch threads, and 54 kinds of metric threads

Threading and feeding rate change without changing gears

Spindle is balanced, hardened and precision ground

Spindle is supported at 3-point by high precision bearings  

All gears and shafts are hardened and precision ground

Guideways induction hardened and precision ground

Automatic lubrication system in headstock and feed box

One year industrial warranty for parts

Max. swing over bed 26"

Max. length of workpiece 120"

Max. swing over cross slide 17 1/4"

Max. Swing in gap 35 3/8"

Width of Bed 16"

Effective length in gap to spindle 9"

Effective length in gap to chuck jaws 4 1/2"

Spindle bore 4 1/8" D1-8

Taper of spindle center M.T. #5

Spindle speeds 25-1,600 rpm / 16 steps

Longitudinal feeds 0.0016-0.055 IPR, 25 kinds

Cross feeds 0.0008-0.027 IPR, 25 kinds

Inch threads 80-7/16 TPI, 54 kinds

Metric threads 0.45-120 mm , 54 kinds

Diametral Pitch threads 7/8-160 DP , 42 kinds

Module threads 0.25-60mm, 46 kinds

Max. travel of top slide 9"

Max. travel of cross slide 14 1/2"

Spindle length w/o chuck

Leadscrew length X TPI

20 1/2"

1 1/4" x 4 TPI

Diameter of tailstock quill 3 1/2"

Max. travel of tailstock quill

9 1/4"

Taper of tailstock quill center MT5

Main motor

Rapid traverse motor

10HP, 220V/40A or 440V/20A, 3 phase

1HP, 220V or 440V, 3 phase

Coolant pump 1/8 HP, 220V, or 440V, 3 phase

Net weight 9,850 lbs.

Overall dimensions, LxWxH 187" x 46" x 72"

Taper turning attachment

SINO DRO + Glass Scales

Carriage Stop

12” 3-jaw chuck with top reversible jaws, direct mount

16” 4-jaw chuck, direct mount

18” Face plate

7-1/2” large steady rest with roller jaws

3” follow rest

Removeable gap

4-way tools post

Foot brake

Halogen Work light and coolant system

Full length splash guard 

Dead centers

Thread chasing dial

Tool box and leveling pads

  • ALORIS type QC tool post set # 3900-5160, 6 pcs - CALL FOR PRICE
  • 15” large steady rest with roller jaws - CALL FOR PRICE
  • Live Center # 3900-5005 - CALL FOR PRICE
  • Extra 7-1/2” steady rest with roller jaws - CALL FOR PRICE
  • Chuck guard with safety shut off - CALL FOR PRICE


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