New GMC Wet Dust Collector WDC-2100

New GMC Wet Dust Collector WDC-2100

Pomona, CA

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Wet dust collection systems offer more safe and efficient method for collection of hazardous grinding/sanding/cutting dust generated by a variety of processes.

The GMC wet dust collector offers many superior features.


CABINET - made of welded stainless steel construction


FRONT DOOR - easily removed for maintenance & cleaning and equipped with an explosion relief flap.


MOTOR - T.E.F.C.  208-230/460 volt, 3-phase, 60 Hz (other voltages also available) Amp draw 20A/220VAC and 10A/440VAC


ELECTRICAL CONTROL - push button motor starter with thermal overloads


IMPELLER - standard, precision balanced, direct coupled to the motor for maximum CFM with minimum vibration (also stainless steel)


INTERNAL INDUCERS - a system of internal spray inducers remove dust particles from air flow and causes them to settle in water tank


SOUND SUPRESSOR - the unique motor cover design keeps noise level to a minimum.


CLEANING TOOL - made of stainless steel and provided for the easy removal of grinding dust from the water tank.

Please note this machine is incompatible with the use of a rotary phase converter. Any attempt to purchase, install, or employ one, whether carried out by you or a professional service company, will automatically void the warranty. It is crucial to understand that any such actions are entirely the responsibility of the buyer.


This disclaimer is intended to clearly convey that the utilization of a rotary phase converter to power or operate this machine is not supported.



   Model                 Inlet CFM             Inlet Opening              Motor HP


 WDC-FP40                2100                    8”                               5



Stock Number7292