2010 GF Agie Charmilles Cut 20P CNC Wire EDM #7135

2010 GF Agie Charmilles Cut 20P CNC Wire EDM #7135

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2010 GF Agie Charmilles Cut 20P CNC Wire EDM #7135


Tank Size: 41.3" x 30.1" x 22"

Table Size: 27.55" x 18.89"

Inside Tank: 33.4" x 26.8"

Max. Workpiece Dimensions: 33.43" x 26.77" x 9.84"

Max. Workpiece Weight: 882 lbs

Axis Travels:

- X-Axis: 13.8"

- Y-Axis: 9.8"

- Z-Axis: 9.8"

- U / V Axis: +/- 1.7"

Max. Speed: 8,500 RPM

Wire Spool: 11 lbs.

Wire Diameter: 0.006" - 0.012"

Max. Taper Angle: +/- 25° @ 3.14" Thickness

Water Tank Capacity: - Clean: 53 Gal.

- Dirty: 159 Gal.


Charmilles CNC Control w/ Graphic Interface for Conversational Programming

Submerged Cutting

Automatic Wire Threading

Electric Chiller

The GF Agie Charmilles Cut 20P CNC Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a precision machine tool designed for intricate and high-accuracy cutting operations in manufacturing settings. Several notable features distinguish the Cut 20P and contribute to its reputation as a reliable and efficient EDM solution.

Firstly, the Cut 20P is equipped with advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) capabilities, allowing for precise control and automation of the cutting process. This CNC functionality enables users to program complex cutting paths and parameters, ensuring consistent and accurate results across various workpieces.

Additionally, the Cut 20P boasts high cutting speeds and exceptional machining precision, thanks to its state-of-the-art wire guidance and tensioning systems. These features minimize wire deflection and ensure uniform cutting throughout the workpiece, even in intricate or challenging geometries. Furthermore, the machine's robust construction and stability contribute to its ability to maintain tight tolerances and produce high-quality finished parts. Overall, the GF Agie Charmilles Cut 20P CNC Wire EDM stands out as a versatile and reliable solution for demanding machining applications, offering advanced features and performance to meet the needs of modern manufacturing environments.


ManufacturerGF Agie Charmilles
ModelCut 20P
Serial Number062-004
Stock Number7135