Microweily TRL3075RX CNC 30" x 75" Heavy Duty Flat Bed Lathe 6.69" Bore for Retrofit #6936


Microweily TRL3075RX CNC 30" x 75" Heavy Duty Flat Bed Lathe 6.69" Bore for Retrofit #6936

Pomona, CA


A company purchased this lathe ( and two other identical units) last year with intention of finishing machine with a CNC control like Southwestern Trak, Fanuc , Siemens, Fagor, Centroid, Heidenhain for example. Project never happened. Will need cnc control package. Three available, priced per each. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to view. Sold as is for retrofit purposes.

Microweily TRL3075RX Heavy Duty Flat Bed Lathe 6.69" Bore #6936 #2



Height of Centers 15”

Distance Between Centers 74.80”

Swing Over Bed 30”

Swing Over Saddle Wings 28”

Swing Over Cross Slide 19”

Cross Slide Travel 16.1”

Tool Section Max 1.5”

Coolant Reservoir Capacity 47 gal

Oil Pump - Way Lubrication 2.3L

Head Stock Lubrication 6 gal

Rapid Speed 400 IPM on Z axis 200 IPM in X axis


Width of Bed 18”

Height of Bed 15.75”


Spindle Nose A2-11

Spindle Through Hole 6.69”

Spindle Taper Non-MT Taper

Taper in Reduction Sleeve MT#6

Spindle Dia. at Front Bearing 8.66”

Number of Bearings 2

Number of Speeds 2

Spindle Speed Range 30-300 100-1000

Spindle ID Thread (end of spindle) M185 x 3.0


Quill Travel 8”

Quill Diameter 4.875”

Quill Taper Hole MT#6

Spindle Motor:

Horsepower 30 HP

Power Requirements – Machine

Voltage 408V +/- 10% (432V to 528V)

Amps Full Load Current 71.6A

Phase/Hz 3/60


Net (L x W x H), lbs. 170” X 82” 77” 15430 lbs.

Shipping (L x W x H), lbs. 225″ x 89″ x 88″ 16,530 lbs.


Serial Number30P20100-002
Stock Number6936