Austin American Technology Aqua Therm 9100 Batch Cleaner #6909 #1

Austin American Technology Aqua Therm 9100 Batch Cleaner #6909 #1

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Austin American Technology Aqua Therm 9100 Batch Cleaner #6909 #1


Process Control

  • EPROM Based LCD Interface
  • 11 Programmable Recipes
  • Programmable Steam Cycles
  • Conductivity Testing (0-500uS)

High Temperature Operation

  • 199F (93C) Wash and Rinse Operation
  • 150F (73C) Drying Operation

High Pressure Wash

  • Coherent Jet Manifolds
  • 30-ounce / inch^2 Implingement Pressure
  • Modular Manifold Design
  • Three (3) Manifold Chamber

Chemistry Compatible

  • Semi-Aqueous Chemistry Compatible

High Temperature Wash & Rinse Cycle.

As the AquaTherm™'s nomenclature suggests, the system is designed from the ground up for high temperature operation, with a wash and rinse operating temperature of 199F (93C). This allows for cleaning under lower stand-off components. As well as allows the system to fully utilize semi-aqueous based chemistires allowing the system to operate at lower chemical concentrations (on average between 2 - 4%).


ManufacturerAustin American Technology
ModelAqua Therm 9100
Serial Number040-0105
Stock Number6909